The Digestive Health Solution

Your personalised five-step plan for inside-out digestive wellness

  • Why digestive health is linked to fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and more

  • How certain sugars can be to toxic to your gut health   

  • The truth behind the popular therapeutic diets

  • The gluten intolerance controversy

  • The crucial role of gut bacteria & probiotics

  • How to uncover unexpected problem foods

  • Research on beneficial foods, herbs & supplements

  • New ways to revitalise your digestion, fast
Listen to Ben introduce The Digestive Health Solution:
With wonderful clarity the book ultimately brings together the best natural solutions in an easy-to-follow 5-step personalized plan, providing answers that matter. 

Digestive health is one of the most important topics in health & wellbeing with 1 in 4 people experiencing regular digestive discomfort and new scientific discoveries proving that better digestive health can transform the health of your whole body! 

The Digestive Health Solution is a revolutionary book at the cutting edge of the current science and separates itself from the pop health fads with its evidence-based approach.

Explore vital topics, including: