“One of the biggest issues in the world today is poor gut health – it’s at the root of just about every chronic health condition. The talented Ben Brown has taken the reader through the trenches of the digestive terrain in a way that is multi-faceted, personalized, and most of all, solves the problem! A must read for all.”

– Deanna Minich, PhD, functional nutritionist, author, and founder of Food & Spirit

"The Digestive Health Solution is an outstanding synthesis of cutting edge research, a timely book that stands apart from the hype and pop nutritional fads. Ben Brown has established himself as a trusted authority, a researcher and clinician dedicated to sound nutritional approaches in complex cases. Ben captures the reader immediately with raw honesty as he describes his own experiences; he then proceeds to expertly navigate difficult discussions in a beautifully written, crystal clear manner - a reader-friendly resource, providing guidance that matters."

- Alan C. Logan, ND, co-Author, Your Brain on Nature

"The Digestive Health Solution offers a proven, practical, step-by-step approach to understanding, controlling and reversing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Ben Brown has combined all the best natural approaches into a logical, easy-to-follow program."    

-  Leo Galland, MD, F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N., Author of The Fat Resistance Diet, Director of The Foundation for Integrated Medicine

"There is an old naturopathic adage that “ill health begins in the bowel” and modern research has shown that digestive dysfunction results in nutritional deficiencies and excessive toxins—the basic causes of many health problems. To improve your health, read—and use—the excellent guidance provided in The Digestive Health Solution.”

 - Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Editor-in-Chief, Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal, Author, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

“An interesting journey through the digestive tract, brought alive by personal experience. The writing is supported by scientific research throughout, although it contains detailed technical information, it is easy to follow. Whether you are a student, a health practitioner or a lay person, this book will seize your attention, educate you, amaze you and help you understand why gut health is so important to general health and well-being.”

 - Breda Gajsek, Principal and founder of BCNH - UK College of Nutrition & Health

"This book is for anyone wishing to resolve their digestive health issues for good. With an ideal combination of scientific evidence and practical tips to follow you'll find this book a fabulous resource to refer to time and time again"

 - Christine Bailey, MSc, Nutritionist and Author

"Ben Brown is an unusual combination of clinician and science geek.  Unlike many other health authors, Ben combines these twin passions beautifully and in his writing and teaching is able to explain concepts clearly and effectively, while still staying true to the latest research that is available. This book is a great example of this talent and will a tremendously useful resource for anyone want to better understand their digestive health and get off the treadmill of symptomatic treatment and really start to understand the causes of their symptoms."

-  Paul Mannion, ND BHSc

“Combining the latest research with real world solutions Ben Brown addresses common digestive issues such as IBS in his book The Digestive Health Solution. Going beyond just symptom management, Ben busts common myths and guides the reader through the diagnositic maze revealing the underlying causes of digestive issues. This is an eminently useful resource for those with digestive health problems and those who want lasting health solutions.”

- Ananda Mahony, ND, Senior Lecturer – Nutrition, Endeavour College of Natural Health

“Ben Brown has assimilated personal experience, peer-review research and his knowledge base as a naturopathic practitioner to create practical guide for those with IBS. This easy-to-read book offers an up-to-date view of IBS and a sensible stepped programme for a return to good gastrointestinal health. The Digestive Health Solution is highly recommended for anyone trying to cope with an irritable bowel.”

- Megan Arroll, Ph.D., FHEA, C.Psychol., C.Sci., AFBPsS, Director, Simply Research Ltd, Author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What You Need to Know

"Digestive health is the basis for optimal function throughout all body systems. When it goes awry, we can feel it through our whole mind-body. This book is a lifeline for those suffering from poor digestive health and provides answers to those so often frustrated by dismissal that their condition is ‘just stress’ or medication is the only action. Benjamin clearly and eloquently explains the sound science that unearths its root causes, the medical myths and the natural health steps that can be taken to help. The Digestive Health Solution is a must for those who want to understand how all aspects of their diet and lives affect their body, health and mood, and feel empowered to make changes that work.”   

– Charlotte Watts, Nutritional Therapist & author of The De-Stress Effect

"First-time author and naturopath Brown takes an intensely focused look at the causes, effects, and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in this in-depth primer on a disease that has become a global epidemic. Kicking off with a straightforward dissection of the many medical myths surrounding IBS, including the dismissive idea that it exists largely in the minds of sufferers, Brown then offers tips on diagnosing IBS, identifying its symptoms and what can cause them—stress, sleep deprivation, food intolerances, past acute gastrointestinal infections—before discussing ways in which one can combat symptoms. A neatly laid-out five-week plan provides a comprehensive pick-and-choose arsenal of tools to control IBS, such as supplements, pre- and probiotics, diet, and stress management techniques. The book is exhaustive and at times slightly repetitious, but Brown's knowledge of IBS is undeniably vast and his statements are backed by well-documented research. Those who suffer from IBS will appreciate and benefit from his guidance."

- PublishersWeekly.com

The Digestive Health Solution

Your personalised five-step plan for inside-out digestive wellness